COESUS conducts training on the impacts of Fracking in Quilombo de Faveira, in São João dos Patos, Maranhão


Date: September 13, 2022



What is fracking?

Fracking – also called hydraulic fracturing – is a process that involves injecting large volumes of water, chemicals and sand at high pressure into underground rock layers to release trapped natural gas. Despite being a technique already used in several countries, it is controversial because it causes environmental and ecological damage, including contamination of groundwater, release of greenhouse gases, induced earthquakes, etc.



COESUS – Coalition No Fracking Brazil for Water and Life, a campaign by the Arayara International Institute, was present at Quilombo de Faveira, located in São João dos Patos, in the state of Maranhão, to carry out an important training course with 32 residents. The objective of the meeting was to inform and make the community aware of the impacts of Fracking.

During the training, COESUS representatives presented information and scientific evidence that demonstrate the risks associated with Fracking, in addition to sharing experiences from other regions where the technique is already in operation. The aim was to provide subsidies so that the residents of Quilombo de Faveira could understand the potential impacts and make informed decisions about the preservation of their territories.

COESUS highlighted the importance of uniting and mobilizing the community to face the challenges brought by Fracking, emphasizing that defending our common home and protecting the environment are everyone’s responsibility. Residents of Quilombo de Faveira showed great interest and engagement during the training, demonstrating their determination to protect their territory and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

The exchange of information and experiences strengthened the ties between the community and COESUS, reaffirming the importance of partnerships for building an increasingly solid movement in defense of the environment.


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