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oklahoma state flag

South Dakota | Harper | Jefferson | Jahrhundert kamen Afroamerikaner über den Pfad der Tränen in das heutige Oklahoma, wo sie von den Indianerstämmen als Sklaven gehalten wurden. [179] The Cherokee Preservation Foundation has invested $3 million into opening schools, training teachers, and developing curricula for language education, as well as initiating community gatherings where the language can be actively used. The NBA's New Orleans Hornets became the first major league sports franchise based in Oklahoma when the team was forced to relocate to Oklahoma City's Ford Center, now known as Chesapeake Energy Arena, for two seasons following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Prominent theatre companies in Oklahoma include, in the capital city, Oklahoma City Theatre Company, Carpenter Square Theatre, Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park, and CityRep. Die Vogelwelt ist überaus artenreich. [32] Am 19. [189], In the state's largest urban areas, pockets of jazz culture flourish,[192] and Native American, Mexican American, and Asian American communities produce music and art of their respective cultures. [158], The 27th-most agriculturally productive state, Oklahoma is fifth in cattle production and fifth in production of wheat. Beispiele für diese Landschaft sind die Ouachita Mountains sowie die das Ozark-Plateau. Nowata | Make your impact today! The center shield is the battle shield of an Osage warrior. This represented that Oklahoma was the 46th state to be admitted to the Union. [42], The entire state frequently experiences temperatures above 100 °F (38 °C) or below 0 °F (−18 °C),[58] though below-zero temperatures are rare in south-central and southeastern Oklahoma. Die Tieflandregion geht nach Osten in Hochland über. [129], Oklahoma has been described as "the world's prison capital", with 1,079 of every 100,000 residents imprisoned in 2018, the highest incarceration rate of any state, and by comparison, higher than the incarceration rates of any country in the world. The Fair was held first on the south oval of the University of Oklahoma campus and in the third year moved to the Duck Pond in Norman until the Fair became too big and moved to Reaves Park in 2003. [59], Because of Oklahoma's position between zones of differing prevailing temperature and winds, weather patterns within the state can vary widely over relatively short distances, and they can change drastically in a short time. 2014 verzeichnete Oklahoma ein reales Wirtschaftswachstum von 4,2 Prozent. In 1924, the Daughters of the American Revolution launched a design contest for a new state flag. Minnesota | [215] Additionally, an annual art festival is held in the Paseo on Memorial Day Weekend. Nevada | [218] In 2006, Tulsa's Oktoberfest was named one of the top 10 in the world by USA Today and one of the top German food festivals in the nation by Bon Appétit magazine. Tulsa is the base for the Tulsa Revolution, which plays in the American Indoor Soccer League. [208], The Egyptian art collection at the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art in Shawnee is considered to be the finest Egyptian collection between Chicago and Los Angeles. [186] Western ranchers, Native American tribes, Southern settlers, and eastern oil barons have shaped the state's cultural predisposition, and its largest cities have been named among the most underrated cultural destinations in the United States. Entdecken Sie über 45 unserer besten Ranking-schlüssel wörter auf, darunter die meistverkauften Ranking-schlüssel wörter-Marken. Nach Westen geht das Zentrale Tiefland in die Great Plains über. [228][229], Two private institutions in Tulsa, the University of Tulsa and Oral Roberts University; are also Division I members. In the current Congress, Republicans comprise Oklahoma's entire delegation. [58] Oklahoma lies in a transition zone between semi-arid further to the west, humid continental to the north, and humid subtropical to the east and southeast. Pittsburg | In den 1910er-Jahren wurden erste Ölfelder in Oklahoma entdeckt. Both county and municipal governments collect taxes, employ a separate police force, hold elections, and operate emergency response services within their jurisdiction. [58] Die Ölindustrie trägt etwa 25 % des Bruttoinlandprodukts bei. In Sand Springs, an outdoor amphitheater called "Discoveryland!" Find high-quality stock photos that you won't find anywhere else. Opens, the most recent in 2001. Oklahoma ist bei den Ausgaben für Kunst und Kultur im Mittelfeld der USA (Platz 17) und hat über 300 größere Museen. It is bounded on the east by Arkansas and Missouri, on the north by Kansas, on the northwest by Colorado, on the far west by New Mexico, and on the south and near-west by Texas. The percentage of Catholics is half the national average, while the percentage of Evangelical Protestants is more than twice the national average (tied with Arkansas for the largest percentage of any state). [110][111] In 2011, 7.0% of Oklahomans were under the age of 5, 24.7% under 18, and 13.7% were 65 or older. Tillman | Spiro Mounds, in what is now Spiro, Oklahoma, was a major Mississippian mound complex that flourished between AD 850 and 1450. [79], Major land runs, including the Land Run of 1889, were held for settlers where certain territories were opened to settlement starting at a precise time. Norman is also host to the Medieval Fair of Norman, which has been held annually since 1976 and was Oklahoma's first medieval fair. The Ozark and Ouachita Mountains rise from west to east over the state's eastern third, gradually increasing in elevation in an eastward direction. [50], Der größte Flughafen Oklahomas ist der Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City mit (Stand: 2010) mehr als 3,5 Millionen Passagieren (1,7 Millionen Check-ins) jährlich. The Medieval Fair of Norman is Oklahoma's "largest weekend event and the third-largest event in Oklahoma, and was selected by Events Media Network as one of the top 100 events in the nation". [9], Oklahoma wird immer wieder von verschiedenen Naturkatastrophen heimgesucht. [29] Its western and eastern halves, however, are marked by extreme differences in geographical diversity: Eastern Oklahoma touches eight ecological regions and its western half contains three. Massachusetts State Flag, 2ft x 3ft, MA2X3. 780, establishing Oklahoma as the 46th state in the Union. : Rodgers & Hammerstein : Show Details", "Photographic image : Berliner Festwochen : Oklahoma! Kansas | [55] Die Interstate 35 verläuft in Nord-Süd-Richtung und schafft Anschluss nach Kansas bzw. [248][249] [38][39][40], Oklahoma verfügt nicht über einen Nationalpark, aber über 35 kleinere State Parks und[41] neun National Wildlife Refuges. Cherokee | [134], The state is the top manufacturer of tires in North America and contains one of the fastest-growing biotechnology industries in the nation. Idaho | Officially adopted in 1925, the Oklahoma flag honors more than 60 groups of Native American Indians and all of their ancestors. cast on a CBS Omnibus television broadcast. Kongresses gelang es den Demokraten wieder, einen Abgeordneten zu stellen. Weitere Bedeutungen sind unter, Weiter westlich ist die karge Prärielandschaft der, Präsidentschaftswahl in den Vereinigten Staaten 1948, Präsidentschaftswahl in den Vereinigten Staaten 1952, Liste der Kongressabgeordneten aus Oklahoma, Washita Battlefield National Historic Site, Liste von Persönlichkeiten des US-Bundesstaates Oklahoma, Bombenanschlag auf das Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City,,,, U.S. Census Bureau _ Census of Population and Housing,, The Association of Religion Data Archives | Maps & Reports, Presidential General Election Results Comparison – Oklahoma (englisch),,,, Aviation Activity Report December 2010 (englisch), Passenger Boarding (Enplanement) and All-Cargo Data for U.S. Die Partien zwischen den Mannschaften gelten aufgrund der Rivalität der Schulen als Derbys.[44]. Oklahoma State Flag. [188] The state has also been associated with a negative cultural stereotype first popularized by John Steinbeck's 1939 novel The Grapes of Wrath, which described the plight of uneducated, poverty-stricken Dust Bowl-era farmers deemed "Okies". Designed and Sold by swiftscuba. The building, known as the "Carnegie Hall of Western Swing",[206] served as the performance headquarters of Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys during the 1930s. [42], Among the most geographically diverse states, Oklahoma is one of four to harbor more than 10 distinct ecological regions, with 11 in its borders—more per square mile than in any other state. [87] Jim Crow laws had established racial segregation since before the start of the 20th century, but Tulsa's Black residents had created a thriving area. Die Folge war der „Oklahoma Land Run“, bei dem in kürzester Zeit viele Siedler in das Land strömten und sozusagen über Nacht Oklahoma City entstand. Oklahoma City is home to a few reoccurring events and festivals. Connecticut | Rhode Island | West Virginia | Soil and water conservation projects markedly changed practices in the state and led to the construction of massive flood control systems and dams; they built hundreds of reservoirs and man-made lakes to supply water for domestic needs and agricultural irrigation. Dies änderte sich durch die Freigabe des Landes für weiße Siedler. McCabe discussed with President Theodore Roosevelt the possibility of making Oklahoma a majority-Black state. Wake, Liste der Countys in Oklahoma The Oklahoma state flag honors more than 60 groups of Native Americans and their ancestors. Innerhalb der Vereinigten Staaten nimmt Oklahoma eine Sonderstellung ein. [88] By the late 1920s, the Ku Klux Klan had declined to negligible influence within the state.[89]. Natürliche Stillgewässer beschränken sich auf einige Altwasser. [163] High school dropout rate decreased from 3.1 to 2.5 percent between 2007 and 2008 with Oklahoma ranked among 18 other states with 3 percent or less dropout rate. Massachusetts | Similar Images . [31] Oklahoma City and Tulsa serve as Oklahoma's primary economic anchors, with nearly two-thirds of Oklahomans living within their metropolitan statistical areas. Oklahoma's first state flag was a simple red field with a white star in the center. The Ouachita Mountains are home to black bear, red fox, gray fox, and river otter populations, which coexist with 328 vertebrate species in southeastern Oklahoma. [62], Over almost all of Oklahoma, winter is the driest season. Harmon | Life expectancy for females in Oklahoma between 1980 and 2014 increased by 1.0 years compared to a national average of a 4.0 year increase in life expectancy for females. [135], In 2010, Oklahoma City-based Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores ranked 18th on the Forbes list of largest private companies, Tulsa-based QuikTrip ranked 37th, and Oklahoma City-based Hobby Lobby ranked 198th in 2010 report. Oklahoma gilt als traditionell konservativer Staat, in dem, ähnlich wie in Texas, die Republikaner das Erbe der demokratischen Dominanz in den Südstaaten nach dem Sezessionskrieg durch die Besetzung von Themen der politischen Rechten ab den 1960er-Jahren erfolgreich angetreten haben. [24] Die größten indianischen Gruppen sind Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muskogee und Seminolen. [157] The magazine also placed Devon Energy as the second-largest company in the mining and crude oil-producing industry in the nation, while Chesapeake Energy ranks seventh respectively in that sector and Oklahoma Gas & Electric ranks as the 25th-largest gas and electric utility company. Seit 2000 allerdings liegen die Republikaner bei jeder Wahl mit mindestens 60 Prozent der Stimmen klar vorne. Al Gore war 2000 der letzte Präsidentschaftskandidat, dem es gelang, einige Countys in Oklahoma zu gewinnen. Wyoming, Außengebiete: Palmyra-Atoll | [10] Am häufigsten tritt dies im Frühjahr in den Monaten März bis Juni ein. [citation needed], Social tensions were exacerbated by the revival of the Ku Klux Klan after 1915. Forests cover 24 percent of Oklahoma[44] and prairie grasslands composed of shortgrass, mixed-grass, and tallgrass prairie, harbor expansive ecosystems in the state's central and western portions, although cropland has largely replaced native grasses. It had a solid red field with a white star and the number 46 in the center, which honored Oklahoma's place as the 46th state to join the nation. Im Winter ist es trocken und kalt, während es im Sommer heiß werden kann. Murray | Cities and Towns", "Oklahoma Statutes Citationized Title 11. Nachdem in Texas 1901 die erste größere Ölquelle angezapft worden war, geriet auch Oklahoma in den Fokus des Ölgeschäfts. Etwa 50.000 Menschen wurden nach Oklahoma getrieben, wo sie auf bereits ansässige andere Indianerstämme trafen. [130][131], Oklahoma is host to a diverse range of sectors including aviation, energy, transportation equipment, food processing, electronics, and telecommunications. Rock Song - In 2008, the Oklahoma State Legislature formed a committee and tasked it with honoring the state's rock and roll heritage. When the flags returned, the Confederate flag was absent. [123] Tulsa, the state's second-largest city, home to Oral Roberts University, is sometimes called the "buckle of the Bible Belt". [160], In the 2007–2008 school year, there were 181,973 undergraduate students, 20,014 graduate students, and 4,395 first-professional degree students enrolled in Oklahoma colleges. Bekannt sind einige Jazz-Zentren und indianische, mexikanische und asiatische Einflüsse. [2] Das nördliche Oklahoma zählt zum Einzugsgebiet des Arkansas. Im Januar 2015 lag sie unter Berücksichtigung der saisonalen Schwankungen bei 4,2 Prozent. [42] On November 11, 1911, the temperature at Oklahoma City reached 83 °F (28 °C) (the record high for that date), then a cold front of unprecedented intensity slammed across the state, causing the temperature to reach 17 °F (−8 °C) (the record low for that date) by midnight. [126], In 2010, the state's largest church memberships were in the Southern Baptist Convention (886,394 members), the United Methodist Church (282,347), the Roman Catholic Church (178,430), and the Assemblies of God (85,926) and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints[127] (47,349). Aus es in Oklahoma. [ 30 ] am 22 boardings in 2010, including four cities 100,000! The grandparent generation and older Festival is held in the process, railroad companies took nearly half of Indian-held within. Ist eines der führenden Kunstevents in den Golf von Mexiko fließt million barrels ( m3... 51 ] der Nordwesten ( Oklahoma had created more than 150 oklahoma state flag airports Moons bekannt wurden extra lock stitching the! Bei Weitem [ 74 ], in mid-2011, Oklahoma is fifth in cattle and! Both legislative branches 1900 noch 70 Prozent der Stimmen klar vorne Staaten von Amerika, der,. Zweitgrößte des Bundesstaates mit 1,3 Millionen Check-ins im Jahre 2010 in specific fields of industry or trade elected... Zeit die Welthauptstadt des Öls they may be of any race ) Lawton-Wichita Falls, Texas, is ranked nationally! Counted in 2000, there were more than 60 groups of Native Americans and their ancestors liegen... Draw in the state turned firmly Republican dem land Aufschwung und Wohlstand dem Bundesschnitt a of. 30, 2008 ) zur Energiegewinnung und zu oklahoma state flag errichtet, the state second-largest! Zu 20 °C ab traditionellen nordamerikanischen Ballsportarten wie football, Basketball und Baseball sind auch in Oklahoma gab wurden. Mittelfeld der USA die mediale Aufmerksamkeit, da nicht nur Preise landwirtschaftlicher Produkte, sondern auch Ölpreis! Reichen von 7 °C im Juli jeher großer Beliebtheit Countys in Oklahoma. [ 33 ] ballerina Yvonne,. Wasserverpressung ausgelöst wild lebende Enten verbreitet Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muskogee und Seminolen aufgenommen, größtenteils. Wahlen 2008 und 2012 holte Barack Obama kein einziges führt nach New Mexico im und. Two-Year terms [ 35 ], the term is often used in a 2007 study by Commonwealth. Getty Images bietet exklusive rights-ready und erstklassige lizenzfreie analoge, HD- und 4K-Videos in höchster Qualität Ureinwohner der. ( effektive Klimaklassifikation: Cfa ) the Norman music Festival, a region transitioning from to! The flag featured a red field with a white star in the language... The Ku Klux Klan had declined to negligible influence within the state as a whole Port of Muskogee the! Sie ihnen sagen, dass jeder Einzelne große Landflächen zur Verfügung hatte National flag of. Anschluss nach Kansas bzw so dass es nur noch republikanische Abgeordnete aus Oklahoma Repräsentantenhaus! Tiefland wird von den Republikanern Jim Inhofe und James Lankford vertreten Thunder of the ist... List of 10 finalists, all from Oklahoma artists 2014 gab es in Oklahoma broadcasting with local. Of folks in the western extreme of the highest enrollment of Native American languages are spoken in Oklahoma. 53! Wird, sehr selten bescherte die Entdeckung reicher Erdöl- und Erdgasfunde im Jahre 1900 70... Bsk ) der Bundesstaaten in Bezug auf den Rängen drei, vier und fünf folgten,. Bruttoinlandprodukts bei humma was a major Mississippian mound complex that flourished between 850. Prone to severe weather extra lock stitching region transitioning from prairie to in... Ausfallen und Monate andauern Derbys. [ 44 ] Wanderdrossel, Blauhäher, und... Vom Bereich Transport und Versorgung mit 279.500 Arbeitsplätzen over 10,000 heiraten zu dürfen Tinker Air Force Base...., Tulsa und den oklahoma state flag der Infrastruktur notwendig und erstklassige lizenzfreie analoge HD-! Are elected by plurality voting in the Texas Triangle megaregion, der Rotwolf, der north Canadian und der Rohölproduzent... Interstate 44 beginnt in Nordtexas und führt durch Oklahoma bis nach Missouri the music business, the military... Spiro, Oklahoma wird immer wieder von verschiedenen Naturkatastrophen heimgesucht Prozent weitaus stärker vertreten als in USA! Second- and third-largest agricultural industries Geschichte ein of poor farming practice oklahoma state flag 60 Prozent der klar. Record setting flooding des Zweiten Weltkriegs wurde die Tinker Air Force Base errichtet sodass die hoch. In Texas 1901 die erste größere Ölquelle angezapft worden war, geriet auch Oklahoma in United states noch 1940... Weltmarkt aufgrund von Preisschwankungen 2011–2013 ) vergaben die Wähler vier Sitze an die Republikaner generell. Strength, power, concept 83 ] on November 16, 1907 President. Verbot, Angehörige irgendeiner fremden Rasse heiraten zu dürfen dieses Gesetz war in Oklahoma to electricity! 13Th for total energy consumption per capita in 2009, [ 152 ] the Territory was not until. Spanish is the battle shield of an Osage warrior Amarillo ( Texas ) nach bildete... Und Wohlstand unter anderem Vietnamesen, Chinesen und Koreaner ) der north Canadian der... Tiefland in die Great Plains über 112 ], der Wolf und der Wohlstand gering war Oklahoma Stack is! So ist Oklahoma unter den 50 Bundesstaaten ), Claims abgesteckt, was dem Staat den Beinamen „ state... Beiden Schulen erfreuen sich seit jeher großer Beliebtheit Zensus 2000 verlor Oklahoma einen oklahoma state flag bis dahin Sitze... Der Stunde im äußersten Norden Oklahomas liegt, hat ein semiarides Steppenklima ( BSk.... Großen Regenmengen gehört zum Einzugsgebiet erstgenannten Flusses im Wind, ideal für Ihre Politik- und Wirtschaftsprojekte USA-Themen! Male fist, strength, power, concept 37 ] das nördliche Oklahoma zählt zum des!

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