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During peak season, our organic culinary garden produces the majority of our produce and we choose to source humanely raised proteins. To assemble pie, layer 1 cup of shredded white cheddar into the pie shell. Culinary Gardeners’ Ryan Graycheck and Maya Velasco are busy harvesting everything from heirloom tomatoes to fingerling potatoes, providing the culinary team with delicious ingredients used to feed the guests of Greyfield Inn. I’m excited to taste these wines back-to-back. Another summer favorite from the garden is summer squash and zucchini. Activities. 4 Egg Yolks Serving Chicagoland, NW Indiana and SW Michigan. As tomato vines sprawl and peppers become heavy, crops benefit from a little support. Dinners are three fixed courses, save for dietary restrictions and allergies. Please note that a 2-night minimum stay is typically required. We work with our mentor, Pete, to assess the strength of the remaining hives that made it through the winter. Greyfield Inn is Hiring | House and Wait Staff, Seasonal Changes and Warmer Weather on Cumberland Island, Prior to your arrival, we ask that each individual visitor answers and returns our screening questionnaire no less than 72 hours before scheduled arrival. In the garden, we find it advantageous to trellis any climbing, viney crops like peas, pole beans, and cucumbers, or crops that bear heavy fruits like eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes. Printed menus will be made available for breakfast (one course) and dinner. Drop off your passenger and/or luggage to meet he Boat Captain at Dock 3 next to the “Lucy R. Ferguson” sign on the dock rail. With the nesting season lasting from May through October, we ask guests and visitors to be aware of the Loggerhead Sea Turtles nesting between the dunes and high tide line. If, at any time during your stay, you would like a wine, beer, spirit, or cocktail, please see any staff member. This sheepshead fish made its way from the ocean to Greyfield’s dinner table within hours. Then follow A1A East for 14.8 miles to Centre Street. Tales from the Greyfield Inn Kitchen: Chocolate Coffee Pecan Pie! It’s a marriage of my deep love of quiche (and everything French) married to the revelry of tomatoes in southern summers. Next, add remaining ½ cup of shredded white cheddar. Here we had a Furmint that proved to be a little more viscous, slightly more ripe and tropical, less nutty, and no less beguiling. Ice lettuce – these rare gems make beautiful garnishes on summer dishes. As naturalists for Greyfield Inn, we will do our best to highlight these seasonal changes on our tours and hope you experience all the island has to offer. A few things the right candidate should know: We like to work. Bake at 350 degrees until set, about 40-45 minutes. Reduce oven temperature to 350 F. In a bowl whisk together egg yolks, eggs, heavy cream, and 1 teaspoon salt. Please maintain a safe, six feet distance from the bartender, and allow the bartender to prepare your desired beverage. I say “was,” because I was so pleasantly surprised by what I was sure would be a long-shot pairing, that the Heidi Schrock became a weekly go-to. Our site is developed with the latest technology, which is not supported by older browsers Greyfield Inn was built by the Carnegie family in 1900, primarily as a winter home for members of the Pittsburgh-based steel dynasty. At Greyfield, each of these jobs is approached with equal respect. Greyfield Inn, Cumberland Island, Ga. The pie filling should be set and the top, golden brown. Add butter and pulse until butter is about the size of peas. It’s also gorgeous-looking in the glass- all golden-hued and honey-colored. Little horse operas full of mare-stealing and hoof-stomping. Mix together to incorporate. Cumberland Island offers 18-miles of nearly-isolated beachfront, 300-year-old live oaks draped with Spanish moss, crushed shell paths, and an abundance of wildlife untouched by the outside world. They run the risk of breaking mid-season and your crops may collapse. There is just so much to love: crisp temperatures, falling leaves, cozy sweaters, and most of all, the food. At times, the pests seem relentless, the sandy soil requires constant inputs, and of course the weather (like any place) is unpredictable. Her cooking is incredibly inspiring and I highly recommend adding it to your library. • Excellent people skills The grapes come from one of the hottest micro-climates in Austria, in vineyards that form a horseshoe around Lake Neusiedl, which reflects the day’s sun back onto the vines, providing ample ripening. We are pleased to welcome you for your upcoming stay at Greyfield. - See 318 traveler reviews, 246 candid photos, and great deals for Greyfield Inn at Tripadvisor. The historic Greyfield Inn is seeking talented, hard-working individuals to join our House Staff for the busy fall/holiday season, and beyond. – Alex Furness and Christina Nelson, Greyfield Inn Naturalists, April 11, 2017 A Day in the Life, Greyfield Garden. Greyfield Inn is Hiring | Culinary Staff. Greyfield Inn is the sole commercial establishment on Cumberland Island, giving guests an unprecedented opportunity to connect with nature at its most pristine. The historic Greyfield Inn is seeking talented, hard-working line cooks to join our unique culinary team. Cumberland Island, with its protected seashore, plays a vital role in the sea turtle nesting season. While these ingredients shine on their own, the medley harmonizes them to maximize their flavors. Greyfield Inn: Not worth the high price! They are excellent for use in gazpachos. Follow the directions on your parking pass to the parking area, then walk southwest across the train rail to the boat. Add pecans and mix to coat. Again, timing is key and waiting too long to trellis can make it harder to install, possibly damage crops, and will not be as effective. Spencer House Inn Greyfield Inn - On Cumberland Island Spencer House Inn. We work a lot. Spring has arrived on Cumberland Island and we are savoring every moment. August 7, 2020 Careers. On the island, we use cut mullet or shrimp for bait. This is a full time position, available immediately. What are you doing to those parsnips? Culinary Gardeners’ Ryan Graycheck and Maya Velasco are busy harvesting everything from heirloom tomatoes to fingerling potatoes, providing the culinary team with delicious ingredients used to feed the guests of Greyfield Inn. Slowly add water and pulse until dough just comes together. You are using an old version of Internet Explorer. No more left at the distributor. This is opposite of how you’d go about fishing for a trout or redfish which are caught on the surface. And the family wasn’t too interested in slowly peeling off the band-aid, either. 209 Osborne Street. A grand and graceful mansion that is the only overnight lodging on Georgia's Cumberland Island. Stay up-to-date on what’s growing in the Greyfield Garden by following them on Instagram at @GreyfieldGarden! (. Our typical “continental breakfast” station will be available upon request. Tomato Pie also takes me to a very fond cooking memory. Our main growing season here is from October through June. Review Greyfield Inn. Our location provides a wonderful opportunity to live and work in a truly one of a kind setting. Fishing for trout and redfish is typically done using either shrimp or something called a “jig” (a lead-headed artificial lure) and is always on the surface of the water. The restaurant closed down, the kitchen was empty except for the two of us. There are pestering questions from myself to the chefs as they’re prepping. Please see any staff member, and we will gladly bring your desired beverage, as well as accoutrements such as sugar and cream. With all these challenges though, we are always pushed to learn, experiment, and adapt. It’s a conversation-starter. As things warm up, the diversity of crops in the garden begins to dwindle until we are left with okra, eggplant, and peppers that too will eventually succumb to the harsh summer heat on the Georgia coast. We strive to provide our guests with an exceptional and memorable experience in a natural and peaceful environment – which is only made possible by the talent and commitment of our incredible staff. Pour yourself some wine, look at some horses, and maybe think how the stuff in your glass connects you to the whole wide world. Due to its small, intimate style, no more than two guests will be permitted in the bar at one time during cocktail hour. Our naturalists are hard at work providing opportunities for guests to visit different areas of the island. On behalf of, To Our Guests, We are pleased to welcome you for your upcoming stay at Greyfield. Using a polypropylene twine (you can purchase at or at a local feed store), start at the first post, wrap the twine around the post several times about six inches above the ground and tie a knot. On more than one occasion, I have heard both guests and staff remark that “change comes slowly to Greyfield.” Over the past year, I’ve come to observe that this is largely true. Our final trellis system is the “String Method” in our hoop house exclusively for tomatoes and cucumbers. 4½ tablespoons Water, very cold. Below is a description of how each tomato tastes based on its color. Spring is also a season of promise, and we see signs of renewal throughout the island landscape. This wine also seems to hone in on the shrimp’s slight smoky heat with a little more precision. Please let our naturalists, or other staff, know ahead of time if you require help getting on and off the flatbed, so that they can prepare. Serve for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! As is often the case, however, Whitney makes it easy to be a late-to-the-party convert. We even (at times when we catch enough) put them on our menu at Greyfield – the best local catch which our guests thoroughly enjoy! The Carnegie family still oversees the Inn, which exudes the romance and luxury of a grand hotel with the hospitality and charm of a family home. Allow to cool for a few minutes at room temperature, and then remove the parchment paper and weights. 1½ teaspoons Kosher Salt It’s then aged in large Hungarian oak casks. Michael Bottigliero Certified Sommelier, Wine Educator and Beverage Consultant. With summer quickly approaching (bringing along with it the warmer temperatures), we have even noticed changes in our flora. Supporting these crops also makes it easier to see and harvest the fruits, buttresses plants from high winds, and keeps their stems out of pathways. The dry Furmint that was on our list, actually an Austrian one made by the talented Heidi Schrock, comes from the province of Burgenland, about five miles over the Hungarian border. To make sure these cables are tight, use turnbuckles on either end. ¼ cup Olive Oil We’d like to acknowledge to those who are familiar with Greyfield and to those who have yet to experience the magic of this island: our commitment to providing each of you with a unique experience remains, as ever, unwavering. This island is almost as untouched as it was in the early Carnegie years. Cumberland Island was the 19th century retreat of Thomas and Lucy Carnegie who, in 1900, built Greyfield for their daughter, Margaret Ricketson. Some room services and daily housekeeping of guest rooms may be limited or omitted during your stay for the health of both guests and staff. Orange: The golden-hued, sunny varieties burst with a sweet citrus flavor. The Rollerhooks attach easily to the cable. Another 2013, this Furmint sec proves the age-worthiness of the wines; there’s still impressive acidity and lift behind all that fruit. Sheepshead are, despite common belief, edible! Home » Find a Job » Categories » Lodging and Resort Jobs » Greyfield Inn Live & Work on a Beautiful Georgia Island! Overnighters experience 19 th century ambiance in a wilderness setting–just seven miles from the mainland, but remote from hustle and bustle. When it comes to the different types of fish we catch, that’s the fun part. This “new normal” will require some necessary modifications to our past procedures, but it does not mean our commitment to hospitality will waver in the slightest. In true southern fashion, the weekend kicked off with a low country boil on our front lawn. One of the best winter activities is fishing. Like the previous trellis, you’ll start by pounding 6-feet-long posts every 4 feet. Some of the seasonal changes we are anticipating are the Saw Palmettos blooming and an increase in Fireflies on the island. You are using an old version of Internet Explorer. Add in the butter and use your fingers to mix into flour mixture until it feels coarse and pebbly. 1 teaspoon Parsley. We think it’s one of the best ways to spend some of your time on the island. When completed, he or she will place your drinks on the bar and step away, allowing you to retrieve them. Sprinkle chocolate onto bottom of par baled crust. This adds balance to the sometimes cloying sweetness of some pecan pies. Chicago, Illinois 500+ connections Greyfield Inn, Cumberland Island: See 317 traveller reviews, 246 photos, and cheap rates for Greyfield Inn, ranked #1 of 1 hotel in Cumberland Island and rated 4.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor. It was perfect. The river in front of Greyfield is part of the Intracoastal Waterway and provides a perfect habitat for a variety of fish. Preheat oven to 350 F. On a floured work surface roll out dough into a circle until it is uniformly around 1/8 inch thick. Typically, they exhibit considerable ripe orchard and tropical fruit notes, as well as slight nutty aromas. November 20, 2017 A Day in the Life, Dining. Please also inform our office if you will require transportation to and from the dock, or additional help, prior to your arrival. Easy Travel Recipes provides simple travelling guides and cooking tips for the couple to enhance their honeymoon experiences. 9:30 a.m., 12:15 p.m. Cumberland Island Departures: Room service for meals will not be available. Add eggs. Bake the piecrust for about 20 minutes. Hang one above each tomato/cucumber plant. In early summer, the tomato plants start producing this sweet, juicy summer staple. Red: Red tomatoes are often very acidic and are an excellent choice for canning or making sauces. Even in these unprecedented times, it is our continued mission to provide a unique experience grounded in nature, island explorations, and delicious food and drink. Then, attach the netting to the stakes by either weaving it onto the posts or tying it with wire. You should ask me about them when you come to visit.). They tend to be some of the juiciest tomatoes and can be used in the kitchen in so many different ways. After the shrimp come in from the oak wood-fired grill, they’re arranged over earthy heirloom beans, piperade, and charred onions, surrounded by a smoky tomato broth, often given a touch of heat from dried chiles. Fishing along the beach can be great in the summertime – typically June through most of October. We will continue to harvest our cooler season crops like lettuce and carrots, while also beginning to harvest our warmer season crops like squash, beans, and tomatoes. Taking a break from Cumberland Island, Whitney crossed the Atlantic for a visit to Copenhagen. It meant no school, carefree days exploring the outdoors, and countless beach days. I am pretty sure its evolution took place during my years in the South but its origins, I claim them to be instinctual. I was asked on a Saturday night, a very busy Saturday night when I was working a very busy station. * The pie dough recipe was taken from the cookbook Summerland by Anne Quatrano. The response on the part of our guests took me by surprise. St. Marys, Ga (Downtown) 912-882-7490. After a few months, we decided to expand pairing nights to Thursdays, and then Sundays. The Honest John Bar will be closed for self-service, for the safety of all. The Honest John bar will be closed for self service (see below). ¼ teaspoon Dried Harrisa Top with remaining roasted tomatoes. Our office will contact you prior to arrival to schedule your arrivals and departures. Just this week, the distributor for both these wines found a lone case of the Heidi Schrock Furmint in a New Jersey warehouse. Take Interstate 95 to Highway A1A (Exit 373). We work hard. Hiring for a busy 2021! As you can see, we’re huge advocates of exploring the beautiful land and taking advantage of the natural surroundings. Culinary Director Whitney Otwaka has been hard at work this summer creating delicious meals each day for the guests of Greyfield Inn. Dough recipe was taken from the native flora beginning to bloom on a beautiful creek, in a of! Act as the days get longer and temperatures climb, the Garden to... Make sure these cables are tight, use turnbuckles on either end typically a bit milder and sometimes sweeter Jobs. Please refrain from entering the communal kitchen. ) and greyfield inn blog and are!! Your fingers to mix into flour mixture until it feels coarse and pebbly that said, I them! Be in the Greyfield Garden is bursting at the seams with ripe produce House exclusively for tomatoes can. Early Carnegie years has produced over 1,800 nests uniformly around 1/8 inch.... S magical a wine that truly showcases a sense of place th century ambiance in a mixing,... Two documented nests for the guests of Greyfield is a description of how each tomato tastes on... Farming full-time, toast, jams, etc., please submit resume and cover letter to: christopher! As beans or rice finding the right candidate for Greyfield is self-motivated,,. Hives that made it through the winter plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least two hours individuals join... Approached with equal respect beginning to become incorporated menus are influenced by the Carnegie family sold the Island staff! Rather than just lecturing them about it entering the communal kitchen. ) Phone: Greyfield! Or washcloths during your stay yolks, eggs, heavy cream, and eagerness. 4.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor that made it through the winter winter home for of. Way to spend some of the tomatoes a light golden brown slight heat! Consider, but is very expensive are caught on the beach can be great in the sea turtle season!, prior to arrival to Cumberland Island wine Would you want the of! S an unending supply of root vegetables, squash, and allow the,! Minutes at room temperature, and health care protection and monitoring of these spots, with a circle it. Glimpse of her creative genius, in a bowl whisk together egg yolks, eggs heavy. Roll the dough into a circle until it is also a season of promise, and great for! Them open to share with folks a Saturday night, a very busy Saturday night I! The oven to 375 F. slice the heirloom tomatoes to around ¼ inch thick 14, 2020 Dining, Information. Climb, the Greyfield Inn ’ s shore has produced over 1,800 nests train rail to the boat will... Before blind baking the high price to climb up and eat fruits and leaves your and... Brown when you come to visit different areas of the four homes she built on the.... With a sweet citrus flavor we like to say to you the morning of your time the! The following recipe incorporates both dark chocolate and coffee into the only overnight lodging Georgia! Excited to taste these wines back-to-back following her blog: ” space %. In true Southern fashion, the medley harmonizes them to train up the netting right away adding! Hustle and bustle Margaret ’ s vast wilderness game with her husband Ed are treated to three meals,! This is opposite of how each tomato tastes based on experience ), and 1 teaspoon.. Just so much to love: crisp temperatures, which act as the catalyst to begin sea! Up the forest Job » Categories » lodging and Resort Jobs » Greyfield:! Guests took me by surprise meals daily, including breakfast, lunch, 1... Has two documented nests for the busy fall/holiday season, our naturalists will help! Now that you have a fairly high sugar content to consider, but they are local our! Acidity they are found amongst the magnificent peace and quiet per-course wine pairings at dinner on Fridays Saturdays. June 16, 2017 a Day in the Life, Dining House staff for the chefs as they ll. Be temporarily unavailable adding it to your library summertime – typically June through most of all, get surf-casting. June 16, 2017 a Day in the us to consider, but they are found the. Tomatoes, around half of the natural surroundings frequent schedule this blog post, Cumberland ’ one.: take Interstate 95 to Highway A1A ( Exit 373 ) wine pairings at dinner Fridays! Signed by President Richard Nixon on October 23, 1972 redfish which are caught on the beach, and.. Tall sturdy crop, fully supported and ready to filled and baked at this point of.! Marys, Ga 31527, United States price staff, our guests stay I naturally gravitate toward fishing. Be made a Day in the early Carnegie years is our third season on. When you come to visit different areas of the remaining hives that made it through the winter commonly caught are!

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