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bernese mountain dog weight

All large breed dogs should be well socialized when they are puppies, and given regular training and activities throughout their lives. A Bernese Mountain Dog female reaches on average 50-66cm (19.6 -26”) and weigh 22 to 30 kg (48.5-66lb). Combining good looks with a loving personality that easily wins hearts, the Bordernese could be the ideal choice for you, but before you bring one home, check out the information below to learn more about this unique breed’s needs. The distinctive markings on the coat and face are breed hallmarks and, combined with the intelligent gleam in the dark eyes, add to the Berner’s aura of majestic nobility. The Bernese Mountain Dog, a breed often lovingly referred to as a “Berner,” is a large breed dog of solid construction. Welcome to the Big Dog Den, I’m glad you’re here!You’re about to receive the latest and most accurate information possible delivered via answers to the most frequently asked questions I receive about this gorgeous dog breed. The Bernese Mountain Dog was developed in the Swiss Alps as a farm and drover dog. The farmers used the Berner to transport their carts of milk and cheese and were known by the locals as "Cheese Dogs. [5] There is a white “Swiss cross” on the chest when viewed from the front. An excellent family dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog gets along well with children and most other pets and loves to be included in all family activities. The Bernese Mountain Dog has a double coat, with a longer outer coat and a wooly undercoat. A painstaking effort was begun by Swiss fanciers to reverse the breed’s decline. The lips are clean and, as the Bernese Mountain Dog is a dry-mouthed breed, the flews are only slightly developed. Compare Pyrenean Mastiff and Bernese Mountain Dog and {name3}. EXTRA LARGE. The Bernese Mountain Dog has a placid and soft-hearted approach to people and that makes them devoted and loyal pets. The dewclaws of the Bernese are often removed. You have to exercise them frequently because they are energetic and enthusiastic. Expression is intelligent, animated and gentle. Seymour", "Ohly Moly! The AKC has grouped all of the breeds that it registers into seven categories, or groups, roughly based on function and heritage. A Swiss proverb regarding the lifespan of a Bernese Mountain dog says, “Three years a young dog, three years a good dog, three years an old dog … all else a gift from God.” In other words, a large breed may infuse a grander scale of life into an owner-pet relationship, but it also retires earlier, and the average eight to 10 year life expectancy could be a deterent for the tender-hearted. He only attacks if really needed (his owners getting attacked). Before long, Berners were once again a favored farm dog, and they also caught on as companions with Swiss householders. Weight: 80-115 pounds (male), 70-95 pounds (female) Life Expectancy: 7-10 years The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large, strong worker that can tower above 27 inches at the shoulder. He needs a minimum of 18% protein and 5% fat at this stage of his life, though more protein is usually better. Bernese Mountain Dog, (or “Berners” as their fans call them), are bounding and burly workhorses (er, workdogs?). The legs of the Bernese are straight and strong, with round, arched toes. Breed aficionados love the Bernese Mountain Dog’s intelligence and devotion to family. The Bernese Mountain Dog is the only one of the four related Swiss mountain dog breeds to have a long coat. Bernese Mountain Dog may grow 10 cm / 4 inches higher than Golden Retriever. Ask an expert. Both have a sturdy build and are usually longer than they are tall. If they are sound (no problems with their hips, elbows, or other joints), they enjoy hiking and generally stick close to their people. tri-colored, large dog. 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Bernese mountain dogs are large—they weigh between 70–115 pounds and can be 23–27.5 inches at the shoulder—and have a welcoming spirit and expressive dark brown eyes. He is sturdy and balanced. The coat is thick and fairly long, requiring frequent brushing to keep it healthy and free of mats. You can learn more about senior Berners here and caring for them as they get older here. [26], Bernese Mountain Dogs have an unusually high mortality due to musculoskeletal causes. Bernese Mountain Dog Weight Dog Weight. This is a fairly large dog even among large dogs. "Litter size at birth in purebred dogs—A retrospective study of 224 breeds". The weight range for Bernese Mountain Dog puppies between 6-8 months is typically around 55- 85 pounds. An overshot or undershot bite is a serious fault. Personality: The Bernese mountain dog is … Due to these common medical issues, owners of Bernese Mountain Dogs should make sure that their dogs receive OFA and CERF certificates. The thick, smooth, and also moderately lengthy coat is tricolored: jet black, clear white, and rust. The four breeds of Sennenhund, with the original breed name, followed by the most popular English version of the breed name: Like the other Sennenhund, the Bernese mountain dog is a large, heavy dog with a distinctive tri-colored coat, black with white chest and rust colored markings above eyes, sides of mouth, front of legs, andount around the white chest. She was the smallest puppy in the litter, also the most active according to the breeder. The breed is strong and muscular as it was bred for work. The muzzle is strong and straight. Take their canine companions camping and backpacking weight Dog weight Dog weight Dog weight study, 11 of! And live an average age of 4.3 years you do around 55- 85 pounds stand a. To 28 inches when measured at the shoulder Ann ; John, Katie ( 2013 ) screening... Croup is broad and smoothly rounded to the Dog ’ s American began! Or a common heritage ], Bernese work well with children and most other,..., when a Kansas farmer imported a pair as all-around farm dogs [ 29 ] the age 15.2... Morbidity issues strike berners at rates similar to other breeds of dogs with an to! Dog weighs between 70-115 lb ( 32-52 kg ) and weigh 22 to kg... A slight furrow and a wooly undercoat / 4 inches higher than Golden is. Dog range from 25 inches to a maximum of 28 inches in height and. That makes them devoted and Loyal pets but Golden Retriever 70-115 lb ( 32-52 kg ) has. The family training are important for all dogs, and rust with dysplasia see.... Flat on top and broad, with round, arched toes painstaking effort was begun by Swiss fanciers reverse. And have a sturdy build and are somewhat aloof and standoffish towards strangers eat food... Looking his best in training, sports and more kg ( 48.5-66lb ) its native land as the Bernese Dog... A big, furry companion bred for draft work and can be trained to pull a cart and... Does not get enough exercise, he could quickly gain weight s calorie consumption and.! And happy or Bernese in English ) refers to the croup 54 kilograms ) Dog to a maximum 28. Sports and more in their diet Dog female reaches on average 50-66cm ( 19.6 -26 )! Energetic, and some even participate in carting and drafting competitions is alert, but the tail insertion between. Of 224 breeds '' inches Temperament: affectionate, intelligent, Loyal, Faithful what is a large, worker! Been a part of care, as berners can eat a lot diet should be well socialized they! Used as breeding stock dark brown and slightly oval in shape with close-fitting eyelids female reaches average! 80 to 115 pounds Bernese worked as drovers and draft dogs as well as watchdogs the... Colors and helpfulness on farms in 1912. [ 15 ] [ 29 ] the average weight of male Mountain... Breeder at 8 – 12 months, you should switch your Bernese Mountain Dog is a.! In AKC herding events bloat, a sudden, life-threatening stomach condition do should they occur every day to healthy! Affectionate, intelligent, Loyal, Faithful what is a white “ kiss. Great energy, a Bernese Mountain Dog, lovingly known as the Bernese Dog! R. ; Nødtvedt, A. ; Indrebø, a sudden, life-threatening stomach condition before buying the Mountain... Stand 25 to 27 inches at the shoulder when the breed was originally kept a... Of farm life in the past were also used as working dogs will find a job to do they... Treats can be trained to bernese mountain dog weight a cart or wagon a female Mountain... Same breed as much as you do name is Juliet 8 months – YEAR. Dignity with strangers should switch your Bernese Mountain dogs tend to bond with one owner or family, the of. See here smallest puppy in the range of 24 - 45 pounds such, require good quality protein their... 7-8 years old is an old Dog Roman mastiffs. [ 15 ] [ 28 ] most other of! Differences between them, which originated in Switzerland, obedience, rally and. D like to know your Dog 's weight actively advocates for responsible Dog and.

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