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street fighter 2 chun li strategy

From Shoryuken Wiki < Street Fighter Alpha. If he jumped closer, be careful that his jumping fierce can beat your crouching roundhouse at that range. With the fast fireball that Chun has, it makes the MU much more manageable to turn it around. Often, you can quickly walk underneath their jumping attack and turn around and throw them when they land. Hyakuretsu Kyaku does less damage and have barely worse priority in Chun Li's stomach area. 774*1032 Size:476 KB. This match is also very meter dependent. Chun-Li tracked down the syndicate's leader, M. Bison, and demanded that he tell her what happened to her father. Chun Li has been regarded as top tier character for a long time in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, but recently she's overtaken Yun for the top spot overall in most player's minds. Due to its speed and quick recovery, Chun's Kikoken is very good in fireball fights, allowing Chun-Li to keep up with every projectile thrower in the game except Ryu. Share the best GIFs now >>> Mix up your c.jabs, your s.strongs your s.shorts, your low shorts, your low forwards, your grabs, your overheads, your fireballs and your jumps and your opponent is just gonna be screwed. Use this to go through fireballs at close range to pass through the projectile and nail them. pause... roundhouse rising kicks. 2nd Tier. Her Kikosho will beat pretty much every jump in except jump in Custom Combos. Hazan Tensho Kyaku a.k.a. Her domination is due to her supreme versatility in any situation. Plus it is cancelable into Kikoken or Axe Kick overhead special. With this, she had the clear motive of destroying Shadoloo and avenging her father once again. 3. "I am the strongest woman in the world!" forces are consolidating their hold on Shadaloo City today after a night of skirmishing that secured this key Southeast Asian port. At level 2 and 3, it has enough invincibility to pass through fireballs, so use the Senretsu to pass through predictable block strings that will end with a fireball. This article is about the Cat Unit. chun's j.forward beats everything guy does. play around with poke strings, the more you vary it the more effective they'll be. Chun's special move anti-air. Option 1, you can throw a slow fb, walk alittle bit, stop, and try to get the Sagat player to react by jumping in and punish with Kikosho, deep Up-Kicks, or Punch AC. You cannot jump in at Rose freely because she can cleanly anti-air you with crouching fierce and her own level 1 Aura Soul Throw. This should be Chun-Li's bread and butter level 1 custom. Vs. Ryu: 5-5 Even match up For classic chun, kikoken is performed by charging. So it's good to meet opponents in the air with j.MP to have the option to air throw them at will. Chun-Li gains an additional powerful attack in. If you're in range, it's better to standing LK xx fireball than cr.MK xx fireball since her short comes out faster. 3. Fight him on the ground. This limited edition Takara Tomy Mall Exclusive Features none other than Street Fighter Legendary figures Ken vs. Chun-li!Ken is a repaint/remold of Titans Return Hot Rodimus and is ready to unleash his "hadoken" on Chun-li! Once Sakura gets the knockdown, it becomes a big problem due to her ambigious crossup combo that does nice damage and has the potential to stun if another one is scored. (jumping attack), crouching strong xx Kikoken Equipment: Chi chi has her boomerang hat and chun li has nothing Follow your jab fireballs. She virtually has no bad matchups with all other characters, having a clear advantage over the majority of the cast or at worst an even match up. Up Kicks charge (2 seconds) , + But that's not gonna take you very far. Chun-Li, the classic kick queen, is back with a few new moves. Stand LP Crouch LP Jump LP Stand … Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? This does about 40-45 % damage if your execution is good...and if they block you won't be stuck up in the air. Then he lands and you're up close and can start pressuring. Also, the kick alpha counter is very good to get them knocked down in the corner. She seems to have an answer for everything, and in HD Remix her Spinning Bird Kick has a new arc that can juggle in the air, and works great for … The section above on "Buffering and Masking Chun Li's Lightning Legs" explains how to use this strategy. If you block his Jaguar Kick, it's a free crouching strong xx whatever. A Fun Waste Of Champagne. nj.- Like her jumping straight up short. Throw out random short overheads from here too, they're invincible on startup and hop over low shorts your opponent might try to interrupt you with. After some c.jab pressure your opponent is gonna wanna bait and AC. Also be careful, if your opponent is sharp, he'll punish most fireballs with the flick grab, they're only safe from max max range where his fierce flick will whiff. I'd say this match is free, but a good opponent will work around it. - crouching strong cr.- A bit underrated in terms of Chun's other normals. Street Fighter Alpha 2 Chun-Li Playthrough. If an opponent is hit by any part of this attack, they are almost always sucked in by the rest of it. Head Stomp in air + When he has meter though, turtle more and ease up on the crouching forward xx Kikoken because he can Scissor Kick super through it to nail you. Chun-Li's name is Mandarin for \"spring beauty\" (春 chūn, \"spring\"; 麗 lì, \"beautiful\"). Also, this is Chun-Li's best "jump back" move. He wasn’t impressed with their work in the first game and the direction they were heading towards in Alpha 2 , as they only wanted cool and stylish characters. Click here for more information about Chun-Li's other fighting game appearances. This page has been accessed 222,210 times. 5 years ago | 24 views. Chun-Li's main overhead, and arguably the best overhead in the game. With tears in her eyes, Chun-Li swore vengeance. 6.4; Custom Combo ----- For Chun-Li there is only ONE custom combo that is worth bothering with. Once Rolento gets level 3, don't throw any more Kikokens because Rolento can Level 3 Trip Wire on reaction. I love this game!Subscribe! 1 Introduction. The damage is comparable, but there is less likely chance of messing up. 1 Introduction; 2 Moves List. 25 Apr 2009 3 107. However, after a mysterious man named Urien has kidnapped one of her adopted kids to conduct experiments, Chun-Li must go and confront this man to rescue the child. Flipping Neck Breaker In … He can try and flick it, he can hurricane kick through them, or he can block (actually he might be able to slide under them, but I've never seen an opponent do it consistently). bait an uppercut. - This looks like her classic close standing fierce in all her other Street Fighter incarnations, but as a strong in this game, it comes out much faster. If you have the meter and a mistake punishing opportunity presents itself, such as a missed Dragon Punch or super, you should always custom combo for the most damage since they do more damage than her supers. When you corner Rolento, keep him there with more crouching forward xx Kikoken, and then kick alpha counter him if the tries to counter attack after blocking your Kikoken. Dan nuff said, but really just don't get him to jump in on you with his j. LK shenanigans. If you know he's gonna do it, just activate. Anyone familiar with ST knows how much of a living wall O.Sagat can be with his high and low tiger shots, and good buttons against grounded opponents and jump ins. Vs. Sakura: 5.5 - 4.5 The prequel series continues, as young police officers Chun-li and her partner … To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter 2, Takara Tomy brings this great mash-up of Transformers meets Street Fighter! This means if you ever see them standing up and you are within range of your crouching roundhouse with meter, immediately activate and start your custom with Chun's crouching roundhouse into her full custom. crouching roundhouse, roundhouse Rising Kick x 2 Her hit-confirm combo into her kick super. Once Zangief has meter, be especially careful of his long range command sweep custom combo and always stay out of range and block low. OG Chun can super cancel it into her kick super, but that's just random trivia. 4. crouching roundhouse It flies up then down, somewhat like Sakura's Hurricane Kick in Street Fighter Alpha 2/3. It a good meaty when your opponent is getting up and can link into her cr.LK if it hits. MOST POPULAR. While you should always try to activate V-Trigger at least once per round, because Chun-Li's is based on a timer, you still want to make sure you can make the most out of it when you activate the Renkiko. Rinse and repeat. - Axe Kick Street Fighter II Turbo - Sounds (SNES)/05 Character Voices/SFII_58 - Chun-Li Yatta.wav Street Fighter II Turbo - Sounds (SNES)/05 Character Voices/SFII_59 - Dhalsim Yoga.wav Street Fighter II Turbo - Sounds (SNES)/05 Character Voices/SFII_60 - Dhalsim Yoga Fire.wav Victory Conditions: Death of the opposing character . 18:45. - Outwards front kick that can be used as an anti-air, but Chun has better options. It stuffs most other jabs in the game, if you do it just outside of it's range. Chun-Li is one of the earliest female video game protagonists to achieve widespread popularity. For some reason, a lot of times they will still get hit even if they blocked. Chun-Li has low … With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Street Fighter 2 Chun Li animated GIFs to your conversations. Use this in your poking strings mix ups, alternating between standing short xx Kikoken/Axe Kick or crouching forward xx Kikoken/Axe Kick to keep them off guard and catch them if they were turtling too much. Street Fighter (1994) Ming-Na Wen as Chun-Li. nj.- Use in air-to-air battles or to start combos for big damage or to get a random air throw. 2. standing short January 2 at 1:00 … Bison Jack Ryu Chun Li Zangief Darun Hayate Blanka. cr.- Chun-Li's sweep and another essential normal in her gameplay. "Luan Leg") is Chun-Li's first V-Skill in Street Fighter V.1 1 Description 2 Tactics 3 Gallery 4 References Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously,it is a command jump and a low to the ground air dash that allows her to come at opponents from a very aggressive arial angle, potentially crossing them up with her signature heel stomps. Use it to alpha counter projectiles and knock them down, especially if they predictably end their block strings with a fireball like a lot of shotos do. From the start, jump back and match his Sonic Booms with your Kikokens. Punch Alpha Counter. 2. Against fireball characters, with the exception of Ryu and Chun, you can play the classic fireball/fireball bait/jump game with fierces. This page was last edited on 5 January 2021, at 15:11. Fireball + Try to stay at your max range of your crouching forward while being out of range of her low strong and poke with max range crouching forward xx Kikoken. Elsewhere, Ryu and Ken part ways once again and Ryu begins his journey anew. Page 2 of 2: Page 2 Page 1 Page 2 Starting grabbing him. Setting/Location: Mount maozu. The motion gives people a lot of people trouble though. 2.1 Normal Moves; 2.2 Command Normals; 2.3 Normal Throws; 2.4 Alpha Counters; 2.5 Special Moves; 2.6 Super Moves; 3 The Basics; 4 Advanced Strategy; 5 Standard Combos. Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, Smash Bros. Tekken, plus other video games. Again, be careful about people doing this to you and be ready to block if someone with meter jumps in at you at a really obvious angle hoping to jump in custom on you. Street Fighter II - Champion Edition Online is a top selling fighting game which is now available for free in flash version right in your web browser.

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